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Utilizing technology to achieve global positive impact

We recognize that we are at a pivotal point in history, where technology is increasingly dominant and influential. It is up to all of us to wield it responsibly.

Decos is committed to contributing to a world where we harness the power of technology for positive impact.



We believe we can make the world a little better by harnessing technology to its fullest potential. With innovative solutions to our clients' challenges, we make a difference.

Innovation is an ongoing process. It's an exciting journey without a final destination, building upon new techniques and ideas. Through our curiosity, we advance, as we've learned from experience. Through focus, specialization, and truly understanding what our clients need.

Moreover, we never cease to explore because it's fun and exhilarating. We also see it as our responsibility to drive progress with our knowledge and experience. Pushing boundaries and continuing to discover.



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Utilizing technology for ambitious organizations, contributing to results that truly matter


As a global IT services company, we assist organizations in building their digital foundation, optimizing their operations, accelerating innovation, and enhancing service levels. Our dedicated team operates globally, serving clients in various countries.

Through technology and our boundless curiosity, we drive change, create value, and make a positive impact. We take pride in enabling smarter and more efficient work. With our off-the-shelf and customized solutions tailored to specific needs, we combine technical expertise with industry experience to deliver tangible results that truly matter.

Wat wij doen

The Decos Technology Group comprises various labels, each with its own specialization and market focus.

  • Decos Government is known for the JOIN suite for process and document management, a customer contact solution, integration platform, and Fixi, with a focus on the government market.
  • Doclogic has been the trusted partner for knowledge-intensive organizations in the Netherlands within the education, healthcare, and business services sectors, who ambitiously shape process-oriented work.
  • Decos Healthcare develops innovative hardware and software solutions: advanced medical devices and tools for process optimization for organizations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences domain.
  • Decos Software Engineering Services offers global IT services to assist organizations in innovating by modernizing outdated systems, developing custom solutions, and strengthening their capabilities through the deployment of software and product engineers.
  • CenterOne is the software specialist in the field of Permits, Supervision, and Enforcement for governments and semi-governmental organizations.

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 Doclogic  CenterOne


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A better future starts today

The adage "A better world starts with yourself" is not without reason a cliché; it's the truth. Therefore, it's no coincidence that we operate from a climate-neutral headquarters. We exclusively drive electric vehicles. Our offices are entirely paperless. By digitizing ourselves and the world around us, we operate more efficiently and can preserve trees.