17 June 2024

Senior Software Engineer Shalini

Empowering employees through flexibility, unrestricted creativity and ensuring their work-life balance. 

Shalini Kumari

“Decos empowers its employees through flexibility, recognizing that true innovation thrives in an environment where creativity is unrestricted and work-life balance is prioritized."

Time spent in Decos 

I have been employed as a software developer at Decos for the past three years, where I've had the opportunity to grow and thrive. My journey in this role has been marked by continuous learning, impactful projects, and a supportive environment that encourages innovation and personal development.  


Work-Life Symmetry 

Decos has been exceptional in providing a flexible work environment that enables me to balance work and personal commitments effectively. This flexibility has not only enhanced my productivity but also contributed significantly to my overall job satisfaction and well-being.  

Decos supports me in maintaining a balance between work and personal life through various flexible policies. For example, they offer remote work options that allow me to manage my schedule better, flexible hours to accommodate personal needs, and supportive leave policies for unexpected situations. These policies enable me to be more productive at work while also prioritizing my well-being outside of work.  

Nurturing Ambitions 

Decos encourages my career development and aspirations by providing ample opportunities for learning and growth. They offer training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities that help me acquire new skills and knowledge. Additionally, Decos supports professional development through challenging projects and career advancement pathways, encouraging me to pursue career goals within the company. This commitment to growth has been pivotal in shaping my career trajectory and enhancing my capabilities.  

In addition to learning and growth opportunities, Decos' culture fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation. Teamwork is highly valued, and colleagues are supportive, which enhances creativity and problem-solving. The company also encourages open communication and feedback, creating a space where ideas are shared freely, and individuals are empowered to contribute meaningfully to projects. This collaborative and innovative culture not only facilitates professional development but also cultivates a sense of belonging and purpose within the organization.  

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