29 April 2024

Software Engineer Shivam

Being passionate about technology and science and completing my degree in computer science, I started my journey in Decos, as an associate software engineer. I worked collaboratively with experienced professionals who mentored me through the process, making it a smooth experience. 


"Joining Decos was not just a career move; it was a transformative journey fuelled by accountability, collaboration, and endless opportunities for personal and professional growth."

The steep learning curve and the industrial-level training provided by Decos enabled me not only to acquire new skills but also to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios. I firmly believe that the ability to apply knowledge is paramount for personal advancement, and Decos provided me with ample opportunities to do just that. 

The work environment fostered a connect with colleagues not only from across the country but also from different parts of the Globe. This experience broadened my perspective, helping me to develop personal skills. One aspect that has consistently stood out during my journey at Decos is the culture of accountability. Entire Decos inspired me to take ownership of my tasks and responsibilities, pushing me to strive for excellence in everything I do.

getting opportunities

Interesting tasks and innovative projects helped me with a growth and development of skills as a fresher. As a developer at Decos, I've had the opportunity to tackle a diverse range of challenging tasks, from creating new application features to brainstorming innovative ideas with my team. Each task has been a valuable learning experience that contributed to my growth. Furthermore, the diverse range of tasks has helped me become more versatile and adaptable as a developer. Whether focusing on backend development or exploring frontend technologies, each assignment has expanded my skillset. 

Fun and enjoyment at work  

Creating a fun and enjoyable work environment is crucial for fostering a positive experience as a fresher at Decos. Feeling welcomed and included eased the transition for me as a fresher, promoting collaboration, teamwork, and open communication essential for growth.  

At Decos, all the team members ensure we connect outside of work tasks easing the transition into the job and enhancing overall satisfaction. These activities offer opportunities for skill-building and personal development giving me new perspectives, improving communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Participating in social events also helped me to showcase my personality and strengths, making me more memorable within the organization. 


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