Of course, our employees are skilled and possess the right experience. But we don't consider that as the most important thing. Whether their names are Natascha, Bastiaan, Rahul, or Nilesh, Decossers are warm individuals with a passion for people and technology - in that order. We empower them to find the best solutions for you.

Product owner Dharmesh
"At Decos a door of learning and opportunity is always waiting to be opened by those seek it."
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Sajiv K
Senior Project Manager Sajiv
"Decos is an amazing place where employees are treasured, effort is not just acknowledged but celebrated, Ideas are not just heard but nurtured, boundaries blur...
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Shalini Kumari
Senior Software Engineer Shalini
Empowering employees through flexibility, unrestricted creativity and ensuring their work-life balance.
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Senior Developer Sagar
My journey of 3.5 years at Decos, here has been incredibly fulfilling, marked by continuous learning and meaningful contributions to our innovative projects. I thrive...
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Artikel Jan
Productowner IT & Security Jan
In February 2020, I joined Decos as a graduation intern. During this period, I conducted research within the Customer Support department to improve the process...
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Software Engineer Archana
My experience with Decos is amazing. The positive company culture, combined with opportunities for learning, growth, and fun, makes Decos a place where I feel...
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Artikel Janne
UX-Designer Janne
In my role as a UX Designer, I work closely with my team, developers, product owners, and clients to ensure an optimal user experience. Our...
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Software Engineer Shivam
Being passionate about technology and science and completing my degree in computer science, I started my journey in Decos, as an associate software engineer. I...
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Project manager Ankit
Meet Ankit: a dedicated professional with nearly eight years of service at Decos. Starting as a Quality Analyst, he's progressed to roles like Senior and...
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Artikel Bastiaan
Accountmanager Bastiaan
"The freedom, the level of autonomy, and the sense of ownership you get as an employee make working at Decos unique. Ultimately, as an employee...
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Artikel Roel
Content Marketeer Roel
After completing my Media, Information & Communication studies in Amsterdam, I joined a communication agency founded by two friends of mine. After four years, we...
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