We assist our clients in realizing their dreams and ambitions in the field of technological innovation. Leveraging our expertise in digital engineering and software engineering, we empower innovators in the domains of healthcare and life sciences to succeed.

Are you the IT professional looking to contribute to this cause?


Decos Software Engineering Canada

Decos Software Engineering globally supports organizations in their digital transformations and professionalization efforts. Decos IT specialists and engineers become temporary members of the client's team, bringing their expertise and aiding organizations in moving forward. What we do:

Digital engineering

  • Software development & maintenance
  • Modernization / Re-enginerering
  • Testing
  • Interoperability & integrations

Product engineering

  • New product development
  • Product sustence
  • System engineering
  • Validation & verification
  • Quality & regulatory compliance



Working at Decos in Canada

We believe our employees thrive best when they have the freedom to create and plan their own work. That's why we provide them with the space to innovate and develop the best solutions. We employ an agile approach and foster an entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, we believe in the importance of transparency and involving our employees in the decision-making process to achieve our goals together. We do this by organizing monthly presentations where the numbers and organizational achievements are shared with all Decos employees.


Software development voor Healthcare & Life Sciences

Decos Canada focuses on developing solutions for our clients in the Healthcare and Life Sciences domains. Not only is this market growing rapidly and showing great potential, but it also provides immense satisfaction to contribute to innovation in this field. By collaborating with our clients to develop solutions that impact people's healthcare, you contribute to a positive impact on the lives of patients worldwide.


Focus on employee well-being

In addition to the global impact we achieve through the services we provide to our clients, we believe that making a positive global impact also requires making a meaningful impact on the lives of our employees. We are convinced that our employees perform their best when they are happy and healthy. Therefore, we invest in their personal growth and development.


Let's celebrate!

In addition, we believe in celebrating together, which is why we take special consideration for festive days. We not only celebrate Canadian holidays with you but also aim to immerse you in the culture of the Netherlands, where the company originated. We do this by paying attention to Dutch holidays such as King's Day and by celebrating our unique Innovation Day together with all Decos employees worldwide.