the world at your feet...
now that's thrilling and invigorating!

As a newcomer, you're eager to embrace various experiences, assured of your potential for growth and progression. You might have a firm strategy in mind, or perhaps you're approaching things with an open mind. Either way, Decos offers an environment full of opportunities for curious career starters who wants to start their career in the field of Software Development or QA.



We understand the value you place on perspective. In the formative years of your career, the hunger for learning and the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally are paramount. At Decos, we cultivate a nurturing work environment for those ready to dive in and take initiative.

Among the offerings for freshers at Decos are:

  • We embrace a flexible working policy which allows you to work from home instead of in the office.
  • An organization focused on learning where you can fully develop your potential.
  • The chance to contribute to an organization with a positive mission: driving innovation for global impact.
  • A vibrant atmosphere where business blends seamlessly with pleasure; Decos hosts a plethora of engaging activities.
  • Integration into an international company.
  • An equal work environment where we value your contribution, not your age
  • Boundless opportunities for growth and advancement for those willing to seize them.

    Decos provides the platform; your initiative sets the course. Let's embark on this journey together!

available entry-level positions

Every year we hire one or two batches of fresher who kickstart their development career within Decos.

From freshers to software professionals

Curious about how to kickstart your career as a recent graduate in the field of development? Dive into the stories of those who’ve been in your shoes and see how they made their mark. Get inspired by their journeys and start envisioning your own success!