are you looking for an internship?

An internship often serves as the first step in your career journey, making it a pivotal opportunity. At our headquarter in Noordwijk NL, we welcome students every six months who demonstrate curiosity, forward-thinking, critical analysis, and eagerness.

As a student, gaining hands-on experience is paramount for personal growth and career advancement. It's advantageous to have the support and resources from an employer to discover your strengths and areas for development. There are ample opportunities available, particularly for those who take initiative and are proactive in their approach.

freedom and responsabilaty

You're truly part of the team with us


Our colleagues enjoy a significant degree of autonomy and responsibility, allowing them to manage their tasks independently. We extend this philosophy to our interns as well. Interning at Decos means being treated as a valued colleague whose ideas are respected. We're eager to hear your fresh perspectives!

You'll be involved in various tasks and entrusted with specific responsibilities. This hands-on approach provides you with valuable experience in your chosen field. At the same time, we recognize your learning objectives. Therefore, we're committed to providing ample time for thorough guidance and coaching.

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graduation or internship

What kind of internship are you looking for?


A practical internship or a graduation internship? At Decos, both options are available. Opting for a practical internship means fully integrating into a team. We'll expose you to all aspects of the field, allowing you to discover what suits you best!

Choosing a graduation internship? You'll have a supervisor assigned by Decos. Together with your supervisor and educational institution, you'll define a research assignment. While you'll dedicate most of your time to research, a graduation internship also offers insight into working at Decos.