17 June 2024

Senior Project Manager Sajiv

"Decos is an amazing place where employees are treasured, effort is not just acknowledged but celebrated, Ideas are not just heard but nurtured, boundaries blur, connections flourish and collaboration know no borders. "

Sajiv K

"Decos provides you ample opportunities and challenges and if you are one brimming with ideas, then Sky is the limit!!"

Story so far: Path to Success

After gaining experience in multiple roles with few other organizations, I joined Decos in July 2022. 

I play the role of a Scrum Master for one of our major product development projects. Apart from the usual Scrum master responsibilities, I also work with other teams for nurturing the Talent pool, Knowledge Sharing Sessions and Trainings and get to lead a small Data Science team.

The journey so far in Decos has been the most incredibly amazing one.  I am at a total loss of words to describe how quickly I have become one with the Decos fraternity. The zeal of the development teams and the unwavering support you get from all quarters of Decos like the Product Owners, the HR etc. is fantastic. Probably, having spent time with other organizations helps me to greatly appreciate the experience at Decos. Wish I had joined Decos sooner.


Fostering excellence through trust and collaboration

The culture at Decos epitomizes  a harmonious blend of Dutch efficiency and global connectivity. Here, remote work isn't just a policy but a way of life. Seamless collaboration isn't just confined to team dynamics; it extends across the entire organization which brings about a sense of unity and purpose. You can reach out to practically anyone within the organization.

Employees are empowered with trust. They are given the autonomy of knowledge, power, and freedom to excel in their roles and their contributions are consistently recognized and appreciated. Moreover, the company prioritizes nurturing psychological safety within its workforce, creating an environment where individuals feel secure to express ideas, take calculated risks, and ultimately thrive. This culture, rooted in trust, collaboration, and appreciation, cultivates a very positive work environment where every member feels valued, motivated, and inspired to contribute their best.

Sajiv K
Innovative Projects: Fuelling curiosity and motivation.

Working on interesting tasks and innovative projects keeps me engaged, motivated, and invested in my work.
I get a chance to explore, experiment, think out-of-the-box, use my problem-solving skills, and learn some new skill to work on the project at hand. I would say that working on new and innovative projects helps me keep abreast of new changes and broadens my horizon.

Decos thoroughly understands the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life and its flexible policies reflect this commitment.

Cultivating work-life balance

I live in the suburbs of Mumbai in India. This often meant that I would spend between 2-3 hours commuting to and from work. Most people in Mumbai who live in suburbs would relate to this.

The Remote working policy at Decos is God-sent since I don’t spend any time at all commuting. Rather I can utilize that time to spent with my family and my near ones.  It also gives me the freedom to have my work area structured the way that suits me best to be productive in the best way possible.
Decos promotes a healthy work-life balance by encouraging employees to take advantage of their leaves, ensuring they can recharge and return to work refreshed and motivated. This supportive approach fosters employee well-being and contributes to a positive and productive work environment.

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