28 April 2024

Accountmanager Bastiaan

"The freedom, the level of autonomy, and the sense of ownership you get as an employee make working at Decos unique. Ultimately, as an employee, you're in the driver's seat and largely determine how you'll achieve your objectives. This allows you to adopt a working style at Decos that aligns well with your personal preferences. I believe that this approach also allows you to bring out the best in yourself."

Artikel Bastiaan

“Freedom, flexibility, and entrepreneurial spirit are the cornerstones of Decos."

from functional Consultant to Accountmanager

In December 2010, I started at Decos as a Functional Consultant. At that time, I was heavily involved in implementations, integrating systems, and providing training to our users. After a while, I realized that I was seeking a new challenge, so together with Decos, we explored where that challenge might lie. This exploration eventually led me to discover my passion in account management since 2016.

What I find most rewarding about being an account manager at Decos is being a trusted partner for our clients. Advising them on the best path to achieve their digital ambitions is incredibly fulfilling. My background in consultancy, with its product knowledge and technical expertise, allows me to truly step into this advisory role."


the combination of young and old

Decos is an organization where many colleagues have been working for a long time. They share a lot of knowledge and expertise, which is essential. Over the past year, we have also welcomed many new young faces. I find the mix between young and old, and the connection that arises between them, very enjoyable. Decos is an accessible organization where everyone is willing to help you. You just have to ask for that help yourself. When I joined Decos ten years ago, I had to get used to the fact that you were allowed to determine a lot yourself, but it is precisely this trust that helps you grow.

celebrating together

Of course, much has changed during and after the pandemic. Decos has always valued conviviality highly, and the extent to which you participate in it is ultimately up to you. I truly associate Decos with various events; from an afternoon of drinks to a whole weekend trip to Prague. Having fun together is the most important thing! When I look back on all the stories I have collected at Decos over the past ten years, it brings a big smile to my face!"

Bastiaan quiz
Accountmanager: what do you actually do?

As an Account Manager at Decos, you're essentially the link between the customer and the organization. You primarily work together with the customer to identify their digital ambitions. This role involves a lot of client visits, so you're often on the road visiting clients spread across the country!

We deal with a variety of tasks; acquiring new customers (often through tenders), advising our existing customers on new technologies and modules, and ensuring that they use our products as optimally as possible with the help of consultants.

The great thing about this job is that you're in direct contact with the customer and you need to be able to listen well to understand their real needs. What challenges are they facing, and how can our software help them in that regard? It's always a challenge I'm eager to tackle together with the customer!

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