2 May 2024

Productowner IT & Security Jan

In February 2020, I joined Decos as a graduation intern. During this period, I conducted research within the Customer Support department to improve the process. Soon after, I realized that alongside my studies, I had time to work. Consequently, I was able to join Customer Support as a permanent part of the team to assist our customers.

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“Decos offers many opportunities. When you seize them, the possibilities are endless!”

Lots of focus on personal development

Because my internship at Decos went so well, I decided to stay with Decos after graduating. Shortly after starting, I began working with my product owner on a personal development plan. This document outlines how you want to develop and how you will achieve it. For me, this resulted in a flying start. Knowing how I was going to achieve my goals gave me a lot of confidence. In addition to the ongoing guidance I received from Decos, I could also see for myself how my development was progressing. This provided a solid foundation.

From intern to product owner it & security

After working for a year in the Customer Support department, our product owner went on maternity leave. I had the opportunity to temporarily take over this role and discover what it entails. This experience went very well. When the maternity leave ended, a new role emerged within Decos: Product Owner IT. I was given the opportunity to fill this position. After a few months, the person responsible for security in our team left, and I also took on that role.

Productowner IT & Security: what do you actually do?

As a product owner, you are responsible for certain processes within Decos. This could involve an actual product or a department. Together with your team, you ensure that these processes run smoothly and that the roadmap or other projects are delivered on time. In my case, this involves internal IT systems and the security of both our systems and products.


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