30 April 2024

UX-Designer Janne

In my role as a UX Designer, I work closely with my team, developers, product owners, and clients to ensure an optimal user experience. Our goal? To create the best possible user experience for our clients.

As a UX Designer, I ensure that my team stays in constant communication with everyone involved and remains closely involved in all processes. We continue to collaborate until we find the optimal solution. This close collaboration ensures that our software delivers an optimal user experience for our clients.

Artikel Janne

"Dynamic work within an organization buzzing with digital innovations and opportunities."

from Grafic designer to UX designer

Before joining Decos as a UX Designer, I had often debated whether to take the leap into UX design. Leaving behind my talent for graphic design was a tough decision for me. Fortunately, it quickly became clear that Decos saw this talent as an advantage. To this day, I still use my graphic skills every day to optimize the user experience. For example, collaborating with our marketing team allows me to offer alternative perspectives. Leveraging each other's knowledge and talent is a common practice at Decos.

a flying start at decos!

During my onboarding, my buddy played a crucial role for me. She was someone I could always turn to, and no question was too trivial for her! This gave me confidence from day one, not only in UX design but also within the organization. Through her, I quickly met various colleagues, which helped me feel at home at Decos in no time

Continued development

Reflecting on where I am now after 1.5 years, I can definitely say that I'm proud of myself! I've learned a lot, resulting in significant personal growth. However, I continue to focus on my development within UX design. I expect to remain engaged in this for the foreseeable future. Within Decos, there's ample room for growth. Every year, you have access to a training budget, which you can use in consultation with your team, product owner, and HR. This means I assess where my passion lies and where I want to develop personally, as well as considering the team's needs. We explore how individual development in other areas can strengthen us as a team and make us more well-rounded. Additionally, I always keep an eye on Decos's direction. Based on these three elements, I continue to evolve and grow

UX-designers Janne en Rianda
UX Designer: what do you actually do? 

As a UX designer, my focus, alongside the team, is on the interaction between a user and our solutions. Our goal is to ensure that this interaction runs as smoothly as possible, creating an optimal user experience.

It all starts with research. We are constantly in touch with our clients: how do they use our software, and what difficulties do they encounter? How do they prefer to work with our solutions? Additionally, we maintain close communication with product owners and developers to better configure our solutions.

After the research phase, we move into the design phase. During this process, we pay attention to both interaction design and visual design. This means ensuring that the product functions quickly and easily, and meets the needs of our clients. Additionally, it involves aesthetics, as this greatly impacts how user-friendly the product is perceived to be. And when everything is designed, are we done? No! With feedback from users and our colleagues, we continuously improve our solutions and ensure that the latest technologies are incorporated.

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