27 April 2024

Content Marketeer Roel

After completing my Media, Information & Communication studies in Amsterdam, I joined a communication agency founded by two friends of mine. After four years, we all decided to go our separate ways. I started working as a freelancer, but I knew from the beginning that I wanted to work with permanent colleagues again and no longer be employed by an agency. That's why I joined Decos.

Artikel Roel

“Decos represents the perfect middle ground for me, offering the freedom I enjoyed as a freelancer along with the stability of a permanent position."

Freedom and stability

I came across Decos through an acquaintance when the position of Content Marketer was available. After doing some research and seeing the office space among other things, I thought: what a great company! I applied and five days later, I was hired. During the first interview, I noticed an immediate connection. To this day, I still enjoy the work. Decos is the perfect middle ground for me, offering the freedom I had as a freelancer along with the stability of a permanent job. For instance, I can easily reschedule my free afternoon to another day if I want to take on a freelance project. Thanks to the freedom I have at Decos, I never feel like I have a typical 9-to-5 office job.

Openness and transparency

At Decos, I immediately noticed that everyone is very open and transparent. I remember vividly that in my first few weeks, I was already involved in various activities. For example, in week 2, I went out to dinner with some colleagues, we had a team outing in week 3, and in week 4, we went on a Decos weekend.

By experiencing these moments together, you build a completely different bond with each other, making it more enjoyable to work together on the job. At Decos, you really feel like you're in it together. You sense that you're truly a team and that you want to achieve something beautiful, functional, and marketable together. What I love about working as a Content Marketer at Decos is collaborating with a variety of people within the organization to ultimately achieve the best possible result together.

Roel webinar
Content Marketer: what do you actuallt do? 

As a Content Marketer at Decos, you're involved in creating, distributing, and optimizing content about the company and our products. The goal is to make Decos stand out in the market to attract customers and potential employees. You're not only responsible for content creation, but also for ensuring that the content reaches the right audience on the right channels at the right time and is easily discoverable. Furthermore, the work is never the same from day to day. One moment, I'm writing blogs or infosheets, and the next moment, I'm behind the camera shooting new content or organizing a webinar."

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