3 May 2024

Thomas about onboarding from Spanje

Originally, I come from Leiden, where I studied Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. I moved to Spain because of my girlfriend, which meant I couldn't continue with my previous employer. Remote work isn't possible at every company, especially not from another country. However, it is possible at Decos. This, along with other factors, led me to start working at Decos as a Customer Support Consultant in February 2022.

Artikel Thomas

“I want to do my work well and contribute to the team. Whether I'm at the office or not doesn't make much of a difference to me.”


When I started looking for work, I found that it can be quite challenging to find a job in Spain if you're not from here. So, I was delighted when Decos approached me to work from Spain for a Dutch company. After a phone call and a Teams meeting, I spoke with the product owner and scrum master of the team I'm currently in. It was a pleasant conversation and gave me the impression that I would enjoy working at Decos.

At my previous employer, I could work from Spain for six months. After that, I would have to return because of my Dutch employment contract. Decos has a presence in Spain (without a physical location), so now I work with a Spanish employment contract for a Dutch company. It all went smoothly.


I've set a goal for myself to improve my programming skills so that I can work with it professionally. This desire was difficult to fulfill at my previous employer due to my relocation. However, at Decos, there is room for growth, so I hope to take that step soon.



In my first few weeks, HR provided me with several guides. These contained a timeline indicating which meetings I should attend and who I should contact for various matters. Additionally, I was assigned a buddy for guidance, although I must say that everyone in my team and the rest of the organization is ready to help. Moreover, there are product owners available for more substantive questions.


Remote working from Spain suits me very well. Personally, I don't have much trouble being somewhere different from my colleagues. I want to do my work well and contribute to the team I'm working in. Whether or not I'm in the office doesn't make much of a difference to me. We also have a relatively large team now, making it easy for me to reach out to colleagues. If a colleague is in a call, there's always another colleague available to assist me.

Thomas moved back to the Netherlands in early 2024 and has progressed to Consultant & Product Specialist.


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A photo in the ball pit is an essential part of the onboarding process, even when you're working from Spain.

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